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Bear Lake Promoters Logo

Our Mission Statement: The Bear Lake Promoters actively foster local and statewide awareness of the Bear Lake area’s assets and potential as a place to live, work, and vacation.  The Promoters strive to create plans to encourage economic growth and development and to provide a positive environment for progressive local government and community involvement. ​Bear Lake Promoters are individuals and businesses within the Bear Lake area that are interested in our community. They want to see improvements while keeping the integrity of our history intact.  Preserving this great place that many call home or their home away from home.  They are encouraged by the faithful memberships of those who have been a part of The Promoter’s projects and events for many years.

Our current officers:
President - Meg Kieszkowski

Vice President - Janette May
Secretary - Krista Waterson
Treasurer - Sheena Weber
Corresponding Secretary - Kathleen Nesbitt 

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