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Bear Lake Promoters Membership:

Your Bear Lake Promoters are always striving to help make our community a fantastic place to be!   Whether you were a Promoter, worked on a committee, helped with any of our events, made a donation, or sent wishes while our crews of volunteers worked; please know that every single positive word and every single donation whether monetary or time or kind words went toward making Bear Lake a place to stop, shop, live, and enjoy.  

A few events that we are proud of and continue year after year are Sparkle in the Park, Holiday Helpers, Bear Lake Days, Community Yard Sale, Fall Fest, & Trunk or Treat.  Some of the projects that we work on are the Bear Lake signs along with the landscaping, the clock tower, the beautiful flower barrels that change with the seasons, the Christmas lights that line 31, and the deck area.  We are also working with the Triginta Club, Village, Townships, and any other interested parties in forming a Bear Lake Beautification Committee. Through this committee, we hope to raise and manage funds for the upkeep of the public assets we have in the community. Triginta raised funds (with the help of the Promoters) to replace the Bear Sign on the south side of the Village entrance, as well as, repair and maintain the clock in our downtown area.


We have many ideas for future projects that will both beautify and promote Bear Lake but we need your support.  We are also looking for new volunteers to help us with our projects.  It can be a few hours or a couple of days of your time and would all be appreciated. Whether you can support the Bear Lake Promoters in our forward progress campaign with your time or monetary donation, both are needed and appreciated. 

With your continued support, we will continue to take on projects to beautify and revitalize our town. 

To keep up with all of our activities, please subscribe to the Bear Lake Promoters Facebook and Instagram pages as well as our Website,  

Our current officers:  

President - Meg Kieszkowski
Vice President - Janette May
Secretary - Krista Waterson
Treasurer - Sheena Weber
Corresponding Secretary - Kathleen Nesbitt

​You can contact us through FB Messaging or email at

___ Please accept my annual membership dues of $35.00

___ Please accept my donation to future projects 

___ I cannot donate at this time but I am interested in donating my time for an event or project by emailing your name, address, text number or email address to so we can contact you.

Thanks for submitting!

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